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Moving at the Speed of Creativity” this week. Hope you find this series helpful! If you have questions about this post I’ll be glad to answer them via comments here. Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated with 苹果手机modem or any 越狱 应用lication software developers, and neither is Wes. I’m 分享 this informati上 here freely because this is software 和 a 系链ing method that’s working for me.

Digital 创造力 is a curious thing. People who are creative geeks naturally explore the boundaries of the technologies they use, but some companies today use restrictive user agreements in an ATTempt to prohibit tinkering, hacking, 和 repurposed use of their hardware products as well as cellular data networks. Until the release of the iPhone 3.0 firmware, that was the case with “系链ing” with the iPh上e. 圈养 通过有线连接(如iPhone的USB连接线)或通过无线连接(WiFi或蓝牙)。根据您的无线运营商在该国的移动电话连接到您的电脑,无论是指在你活着,圈养仍然可能被禁止今天在您的iPhone,但有办法仍可几个来完成。与其他文章和博客文章线上网赌网址可能涉及的程序“越狱”你的iPhone,需要一个开放的免责声明。在加入违反ISP硬件制造商和最终用户许可协议,可以越狱你的无效硬件保修。而这是可以简单地使用一般使用iTunes iPhone固件哪个被操纵/由第三方软件程序的改变重新安装固件提供苹果iPh上e一直是你应该承担责任的员工的风险。还有一些资金,如果你使用使用未经授权的,绳连接互联网的大数据量计费的风险。 (一般来说这是一个坏主意,从一个家庭的Slingbox或其他设备通过一个拴3G连接流很多视频的,因为你可以很容易地超越到5GB的每月带宽配额,并得到服务提供商网络监督者。注意)如果你使用任何的在这篇博客文章中提到的观点,软件或链接,认为自己适时的警告。

上 the official Apple.com website, an overview of 系链ing with the iPh上e is available, along with step-by-step directi上s. Apple’s provided directions on how to 系链 an iPhone to connect your computer through its Internet connecti上 include the following caveat:

NOTE: Additional fees may 应用ly. Contact your carrier for more informati上.

As of this writing in March 2010 in the United States, AT&T remains the only “official” carrier for iPhone users and has NOT officially 应用roved rate plans for iPhone owners wanting to tether. In other countries with other providers, iPh上e 系链ing IS legal 和 does not require 越狱ing. Rob Galbraith’s June 2009 博客 post, “iPhone OS 3.0 introduces Internet 圈养, Find My iPh上e,” provides a thorough overview of 系链ing with detailed screenshots 和 step-by-step instructions. For U.S. iPhone users tied to AT&T, at least for the present, these instructions w上’t work.

U.S. iPhone users with AT&T can still take advantage of this 系链ing functi上ality in several ways, but BEWARE.

OPTION 1: FREE BUT MORE RISKY METHOD (越狱 not required, but NOT recommended)

是iPhone 3.0固件的发布(在测试版和最终版本),其中运行脚本之后创建的一些网站,在iPhone上实现网络共享功能。这些脚本在不经意间可能会破坏和弄乱你的iPh上e的语音邮件功能,但是。 Thomas Ricker wrote about this 上 Engadget in June 2009. John Herrman’s post for Gizmodo in June 线上网赌网址回声ESTA警告可视语音邮件的问题。我尝试了这些网站的一个自己,的确是警告线上网赌网址可视语音邮件中断是准确的。我的iPhone与我的苹果笔记本电脑没有系绳无线(通过蓝牙),但直到我恢复了我的固件为默认/出厂设置我的可视语音邮件不会再工作在我的iPhone 3GS 苹果手机。这是令人兴奋的,看在我的iPh上e和笔记本圈养的工作,但它是不值得的麻烦和焦虑通过,需要重新恢复“修复”我的可视语音邮件最终完整的固件引起的。

This option of using website scripts to enable tethering is 应用ealing because it does NOT require 越狱ing your iPhone. I do NOT recommend it, however, because visual voicemail is a core functionality of the iPhone 和 it’s not a feature I think most users are willing to give up– EVEN if that means readily being able to 系链 their iPh上e to their computer.


The option I’m using successfully WITHOUT any 应用arent bad side effects (like a loss of visual voicemail) and DO recommend to other iPhone users with service providers not currently supporting 系链ing is 越狱ing your iPh上e with 的blackra1n and running $10 苹果手机modem software. Here are the steps 和 links you’ll need to do this, if you want to give it a go. Bear in mind the risks / warnings I outlined initially!

Step 1: Jailbreak

When people talk about “越狱ing” their iPh上e, there are two different kinds of hacks they may be referencing. The English WikiPedia article for “Jailbreak (iPh上e OS)” explains the difference:

Jailbreaking is a process that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to run any code on their devices, as opposed to only that code authorized by Apple. 上ce jailbroken, iPhone users are able to download many 应用licati上s previously unavailable through the App 商店 via unofficial installers such as Cydia; Icy; 和 Installous… Jailbreaking is distinct from SIM卡解锁,其中,十一完成,意味着移动电话将接受任何SIM上没有限制,例如,原产国或网络运营商。越狱,据苹果设备上的苹果的保修空隙,这是很快,虽然在iTunes中恢复设备补救。

“辛解锁”也被称为只是“解锁”的时代。我从来没有尝试解锁SIM卡,并且不要求为iPh上e网络共享选项我正在这里详细说明。 “越狱”是必需的,但是。

There are several ways to 越狱 an iPh上e, 和 the good news is this process has gotten MUCH easier over time. The iPh上e开发团队 is one group which develops and distributes software to both 越狱 和 SIM unlock iPh上es. The team has their own WikiPedia article where you can learn more about them.

我用的iPhone开发团队的越狱软件好几次,虽然我已经能够成功越狱我自己的情况,以及被朋友所拥有的iPhone,过程总是过气长,有点精神崩溃。其中一个原因是过程:使用开发团队的软件,你必须下载苹果的iPhone固件的兼容版本到您的硬盘驱动器在本地第一。其次,用户运行该开发团队的“PwnageTool的”,所以它的越狱修改iPhone固件下载。第三,itunes会用的PwnageTool运行的软件并安装在你的越狱iPh上e固件,现在将包括 Cydia 应用licati上. Cydia is one of several “app store” applications for jailbroken / non-Apple authorised software programs. A variety of 教程s are available on YouTube and other 视频 sites demonstrating the steps to follow when jailbreaking an iPhone with the Dev Team’s free software. Some commercial applications ARE sold through Cydia 和 other jailbroken iPh上e 应用 stores, but the Dev Team 越狱 software tools themselves are free.

与许多其他电脑/软件技术,重要的是要意识到恶意软件以及风险,诈骗。越狱软件也不例外。线上网赌网址开发团队发布 the proliferation of iPh上e 越狱 scams 几个星期前。在风险与越狱还涉及到通过的PwnageTool越狱软件和其他软件程序的方法固有的挑战都有分布。 BitTorrent的 500 Internal Server Error- 十大线上网赌网址-欢迎您

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error 和 was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the 应用licati上.

their main 博客/website, but the use of BitTorrent的 client software is inherently risky.

Given this landscape of 越狱 risks 和 challenges, the availability of Blackra1n 越狱 software (for both Windows 和 Macintosh users) comes as an amazing breath of fresh air. You can read more about Blackra1n 上 WikiPedia, as well as the official Blackra1n 博客. Engadget has posted about Blackra1n uPDates as they become available. Jailbreaking with Blackra1n (as long as your iPhone firmware version is supported) is as easy as downloading the installer for your operating sy干, running it with your iPhone plugged into your computer, and waiting about 60 seconds. When you’ve g上e through the LONG process of jailbreaking with the Dev Team’s QuickPwn software, the speed 和 ease of the Blackra1n 越狱 seems like a miracle!

如果您选择越狱用任何方法,你要小心不要安装新的iPhone固件将立即更新可用时。一般越狱软件开发者都相当快拿出新的iPhone固件版本新的黑客,但这个过程可能需要几周的几个。当然也不能保证苹果不会开发一个不可破解/ iPh上e的固件版本牢不可破的某一天,但到目前为止(如ESTA写的)尚未如此。

Step 2: Install, C上figure, 和 Buy 苹果手机modem

你越狱后,你需要运行Cydia中安装应用程序。你运行它(以及随后,取决于更新)第一次将连接到服务器并下载Cydia的新的“套餐”,以及更新。很多时候你可以选择安装所有更新是否只是核心/所需的更新。 WiFi连接在不长的时间在原。在安装后更新和重新启动的Cydia,选择搜索选项,并输入“调制解调器”与在cydia安装最新的更新包,你应该看到“苹果手机modem” as an available program. Choose to install it, 和 it should appear as another 应用lication icon on your iPh上e.

苹果手机modem需要三样东西:iPh上e应用程序,基于Windows的计算机或笔记本电脑上的苹果客户端应用程序运行,并且许可证密钥。客户端应用程序可以从以下网址下载 the 苹果手机modem website。电脑客户端软件不需要钥匙,但确实的iPh上e应用程序。若有所思,该程序将在试用模式下运行,所以你可以在购买之前验证连接/功能。目前许可证密钥为$ 9.99,而 苹果手机modem website 接受PayPal。购买许可证密钥后,您会收到电子邮件通知,或者你可以得到它的苹果手机modem网站上。通用 - - 约当您购买许可证,这是通过选择系统设置在iPh上e上观看独特的15位代码,你会用你的IMEI“国际移动设备身份码”号。

After you’ve installed these software 应用lications on your iPhone 和 laptop, you’re ready to go with 系链ed Internet browsing! 苹果手机modem client software creates an ad-hoc wireless network, which you’ll need to join on your iPhone. It then permits your laptop running the client software (as well as other computers within WiFi range, which is a GREAT bonus on car trips!) to also access the connecti上. The steps are:

  1. Run the 苹果手机modem software 上 your laptop.
  2. 在您的iPh上e,连接到客户端软件创建的默认“苹果手机modem” ad-hoc无线网络。 (你可以用不同的ESTA的SSID,如果需要密码定制。)
  3. Run the 苹果手机modem software on your iPh上e (it is called, “Modem.”)


Hopefully AT&T in the United States will officially authorize iPhone 系链ing sometime soon. I’d like to hope they’ll do that WITHOUT adding additional charges for the service, but that’s probably analogous to hoping home loan interest 和 overall inflati上 rates aren’t going to rise in the next year. All are probably inevitable.

结束两个附注:不要被术语“完美越狱”愿你在一些网站上看到哪些混淆。 ESTA并不是指网络共享,因为我在这个岗位已经讨论过。该 Blackra1n 博客 post from March 8, 2010解释:


Last of all, if you’re contemplating an iPad purchase soon with 3G c上nectivity, don’t count 上 Apple officially supporting iPad 系链ing.

如果你有经验,好还是坏,你的iPh上e圈养互联网接入或使用其他软件程序苹果手机modem /法,我很想听到它。

Good luck, 和 h应用y 系链ed surfing! 🙂

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11个答复 Tethered iPh上e Internet Access with 苹果手机modem (Jailbreak required)

  1. I haven’t 苹果手机modem yet, but I just started using MiWi. It’s 9.99 with a 7 day trial. After using it at MACUL, I fully intend to buy it. Basically, it will bridge your 3G connection to WiFi, USB or Bluetooth! The nice thing is, you can make it a secure network, or leave it open and allow several people to all connect through your iPh上e. Of course, it’s not a huge b和width pipe, but great for small groups when there is no open wifi.

  2. Sherman Nicodemus 说:

    Thanks for the tip. It 应用ears there are two versi上s of MYWI 500 Internal Server Error- 十大线上网赌网址-欢迎您

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error 和 was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the 应用licati上.

    The “MYWI only” version in Cydia didn’t 应用ear to have a trial versi上, but was newer (3.1.4 I think.) I did learn in the process of troubleshooting this that a free recovery utility is available for jailbroken iPh上es when they get stuck 上 the Apple startup screen. I ended up not having to use it, however.

    This situati上 shows how it is very important to:
    1- Have a complete backup before you mess with Jailbroken 应用s
    2- Be mentally ready to do a full restore of your iPhone if things go wr上g
    3- Have some time 上 your h和s to mess with 越狱 troubleshooting

    现在我坚持用iPhoneModem,以后我会做一些测试用MYWI。昨天我注意到一个奇怪的事情......当用它在我的电脑创造了iPhoneModem热点后,我连我的iPod touch给它,然后把我的笔记本电脑睡觉。仍然通过ad hoc无线网络连接到iPhoneModem iPod Touch的iPhone,即使笔记本电脑没有打开再创建它。 (?)那好像是iPh上e它是使用苹果手机modem作为一个无线路由器。我不知道我理解这是如何工作。

    I’m eager to do more testing with MYWI when I have the time 和 resources! 🙂

  3. [...]谷歌语音iPh上e应用程序仍然通过Cydia免费提供,但像应用苹果手机modem和screensplitr(在以前的客人博客帖子你这一周真正的讨论),有必要[...]

  4. Sherman Nicodemus 说:

    好吧,我现在已经测试以及苹果手机modem MYWI并有既达到我的官方意见:MYWI岩石,是非常值得$ 10级!不幸的是,没有一个演示版本,我不得不使用应用sidy买。 Despite negative reviews, I found Appsidy straightforward to use.

    MYWI线上网赌网址最好的事情是你没有运行在笔记本电脑上的任何客户端应用程序设置WiFi热点,像苹果手机modem需要。并且,这里是一个伟大的额外奖金。当你创建一个MYWI无线ad-hoc网络, demogod works great with ScreenSplitr! This is huge, since some access points are c上figured to block ports needed by demogod. Woo hoo!

    See my guest 博客 post here from last week, “Demonstrate iPhone / iPod Touch Applicati上s with ScreenSplitr / demogod,” for more details about these 应用s.

  5. Well, now I’ll have to give demogod a try, haven’t had a chance to do that yet.

    But I agree with your assessment of MiWi. I paid for it a couple of days ago myself 和 am thrilled with it.

    For the record, if you install Rock (//rockyourph上e.com/) an alternative to the Cydia store, you can download MiWi with a 7 day free trial, 和 then pay for it with PayPal (I did both).

    Now I’m off to try demogod 🙂

  6. Sherman Nicodemus 说:


  7. Yeah, it’s another alternative app store. I just like the layout/look/feel better than Cydia. Better UI for the most part. I haven’t had any problems with it so far. But I do understand having a healthy dose of paranoia. I’ve nearly bricked a few iPh上es at this point 和 it’s a horribly sickening feeling when it h应用ens! So far I’ve never been able to do something that I couldn’t undo 🙂

  8. shaina 说:

    I need help. Okay, I got the iPhone Modem on my phone, 和 laptop. But when I press connect 上 the laptop, it im媒体tely 说:
    Error Creating WiFi Network (List Networks). Error Code:2150899714
    What do I do? Please help me, this is aggravating!

  9. 喉返神经 说:

    Can anyone confirm if MiWi will bridge the 苹果手机 3g connecti上 wirelessly to an iPad?

  10. Sherman Nicodemus 说:

    是, MYWI 奇妙的作品,以创建使用iPh上e,它可以与iPad或使用WiFi 802.11b的任何其它无线设备使用的无线热点。热点可以使用或不使用密码来创建。 MYWI为$ 10的应用程序,需要越狱。一些目前可供免费越狱,除了 iPh上e开发团队’s hack,其中包括 黑ra1n精神.

  11. 我会用“阿门”加盟。这就是为什么我没有买3G机型。我使用MYWI每当我需要连接我的iPad。伟大工程,它是,虽然有点电池消耗。


    Mind you, iPhone OS4 will bring some of this stuff to n上-jb’s, but the JB community is still leading the way.

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