今天上午,因为我的女儿四年级的老师选择了不显示,奥巴马总统的讲话,以她的课,莎拉我把她带回家开始演讲前30分钟,这样我们就可以拉到学校出来 一起看它CSPAN,以及互动在科罗拉多州利特尔顿,谁的教师(MR。摩尔多。V和er Velde提供)五年级的学生和教师使用 coveritlive 还有一系列的问题发布到自己的课堂博客(eastdrag上den.博客pot.com)为了让学生在各地演讲讨论。我真的很喜欢看 President Ronald Reagan’s 相互作用ive Q&A sessi上 with students from 1988 在CSPAN之前,奥巴马总统今天的讲话。

这是多么不幸的是,我们还没有给我们的总统 行项目否决,里根在1988年讨论回,或者有效地解决我们的 国家赤字 这将继续失控?!除了在以倡导在那次演讲/讨论着生在1988年的行项目否决,里根总统也提出了一个的情况下 平衡预算修正案 to our Constitution. Given the amount of concern we heard from various parties that President Obama would push “his agenda” in this 言语 to students, it was 和 is very instructive to hear what past Presidents have said when they addressed our nati上’s children directly. 美国总统乔治·W·布什的地址给学生从1991年 is also available via the CSPAN archives. Neither President Obama or GW Bush took the 相互作用ive 应用roach of President Reagan in their presentations, and that is unfortunate. Perhaps the next time our chief executive takes time out to address the nation’s students directly, she will respond to questions from the audience 和 from virtual attendees 上line. 😉

在科罗拉多州利特尔顿,今天,有(按CoveritLive回复)观看演讲聚集在一起大约150名学生。老师公布五个问题期间和之后的讲话作出答复学生。 1个问题是, “为什么你认为大人不希望自己的孩子来观看这个演讲线上网赌网址从校长的教育?” 丹尼尔,大卫和布兰登·似乎得到它的权利在他们的回答是,注意到:


这是对这里一些家庭在爱德蒙,俄克拉何马州的情况。我的女儿莎拉,记录两分钟的回应讲话是在其之后 我们发布到YouTube我们的家庭学习博客. In her response, Sarah shared that a student sitting near her this morning in class told her, “I’m not allowed to watch the 言语. We’re Republicans.” Obviously whatever the political party affiliation of a student or parent, it’s important to hear 和 listen to different viewpoints. It’s too bad at least some of our families here in Oklahoma d上’t 分享 that view about civic engagement.

问题2的利特尔顿学生 今天上午:

Many of you are thinking that adults do not like Obama. Some of you believe that parents might not let students watch at school because they would prefer that the family watch together at home. What do you think… Is it better to watch at home or at 学校? Please make sure to explain your answers 和 push your thinking.



They’re right! Conversations are the key. I think it’s valuable to have the reas上s some parents opposed their students viewing this 言语 at school “uncovered.” We should support 学校s and communities which embrace open dialog 和 LISTENING to each other, rather than closed minded/closed ear thinking.

not listening

质疑学生在利特尔顿#3 集中在今天的演讲中,一个主要的主题是“谁的责任就是你的教育?”大草原和isamary注意到响应:

It is your responsibility for your 教育 because if you come to 学校 with no homework thats your fault no one else’s fault you didn’t have it. 也 if you don’t listen you won’t get the information you need for the test or to answer the questions you will need to sometime in the future. Who’s resp上sibility is it? Yours.

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在博客上利特尔顿问题第4号 today was, “Do you think that the people who have done big things like start Google and Fac电子书的 got the skills they needed in 学校, or do you think that they could have done those things without a college 教育?” The students offered their own guesses as comments to this questi上, but isn’t it exciting to see what resources ANY learner with open Internet access to WikiPedia 和 YouTube can use to answer this? The English WikiPedia entries for 谢尔盖·布林拉里·佩奇 对这个问题提供了大量的背景,以及 从以色列电视台谢尔盖·埃斯塔11分钟专访:

In this 视频, Sergey explains he and Larry initially created a server case made from legos, before they had enough money to purchase larger, commercially-made cases. Is that anecdote amazing or what? Sergey also addresses the issue of Google’s search results being algorithmically derived, 和 not “meddled with” even when he might personally not like those results. The example which prompts this discussion is a search query for “Jew” which yields (am上g many other sites) websites which deny the 大屠杀 发生。

That 视频 and those links may seem far afield from the President’s 言语 today, but in actuality they are not, because they demonstrate the AMAZING quality and content of informati上 at our fingertips IF we are empowered with both access and purpose. Access IS critical, 和 that is why the project “揭露了真相数字化” continues to be important. Purpose, however, is something which does not come from the 学校 administration or the IT department. PURPOSE comes from the tasks assigned by a passionate teacher, and from the motivation a learner derives from his/her family as well as from inside. President Obama addressed these issues well in his 言语, 和 I think succeeded in 分享 an inspirati上al message.

It was fun to be able to listen to the speech together with my daughter today. It’s too bad we had to come home, rather than remain at 学校, to both watch the 言语 和 have 相互作用ive 媒体 experiences with other learners geographically separated from us, but with time I’m c上fident those dynamics will change… even here in Oklahoma.

在一个技术说明,我会指出,我设置的评论功能 YouTube的由Sarah的响应 要允许“朋友”现身马上评论,但要主持其他意见。不是每个人都知道你可以在YouTube上审核评论,和学校的视频贴有这绝对是一个好主意。

Setting YouTube commenting opti上s

此外,它是一个好主意,选择不包括“与”当你嵌入其他网站的视频的YouTube视频, 随着我们的家庭,我们今天所做的学习博客. You don’t have c上trol over what “related videos” show up there, 和 you might be able to prevent some parent complaints by disabling that feature before embedding a video. The YouTube-provided embed code is altered to not include related 视频s when you click the checkbox under the embed coded field.

Choose NOT to include related YouTube 视频s when you embed

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