Today was, without a doubt, the most adrenaline-inspiring drive on an Interstate highway I’ve experienced to date in my life. It’s ironic today’s experiences driving west on I-40 from Oklahoma City to Amarillo came 上 the heels of last night’s post, “的ireporter名利的诱惑鼓励危险的龙卷风追逐。” I was thinking as we saw tornadic winds directly over us 上 the Interstate that we weren’t 风暴chasing or seeking these experiences– we were just trying to get to Amarillo!

阿马里洛以西的80英里,我们看见了什么,我想一定是一个相当明确定义 云墙. My wife was driving at the time, so I was able to snap a few photos and take some 视频 before she finally pulled over under a bridge 和 had me take the wheel.

Wall 云 80 miles east of Amarillo 上 I-40 today

Generally I think most of our midwestern storms tend to track from southwest to northeast, but that did not seem to be the case with this storm today. This past Wednesday in Oklahoma City, we had tornados reported in the southern part of the county which tracked south. This 风暴 today 应用eared to track south as well. I thought we were going to be fine 和 just skirt the southern edge of it as we stayed 上 Interstate 40. (The old 路线66。)我想错了。

I had photographed the 云墙 off to the northwest, 和 was working 上 printing some equipment labels for next week’s 庆祝俄克拉何马的声音 作坊. My wife told me to put down the label printer 和 look at the clouds. To my amazement, low, whiter scud 云s were not 上ly moving south across the Interstate, but as we looked up they also were starting to rotate. Yikes!


This second 视频 shows some of the rotation we saw today, directly above us 上 I-40. (A few more are available in 我的Flickr从今天的驱动器设置。)这部影片并未做经验正义。这是非常可怕的东西。

After switching drivers under a bridge shortly after I took these 视频s from the passenger’s seat, the rain and wind got very str上g and made visibility poor. We were able to drive out of the storm, thankfully, and came to the Texas rest area about 60 miles east of Amarillo. I took several photos of the 风暴 off to the northeast 和 east from the parking lot. I thought this first image of the 云s behind the rest area was particularly striking.

Ominous 云s west of the I-40 Rest Stop 60 miles east of Amarillo

Texas Thunder风暴 east of Amarillo

Eventually we were able to drive completely out of the 风暴, but we were still under some ominous, overhanging dark 云s for 10 miles or so.

Driving out of the 风暴 today

Driving out of the 风暴 today

In the rest area, I briefly visited with some other travelers who were eastbound. They reported they had just seen FIVE tornados just north of I-40, close to 马夫, Texas. I’ve never heard of five tornados coming out of the same 风暴, at the same time. I’ve heard about the 1979年威奇托福尔斯龙卷风, which was actually a tornado that started as three different twisters which combined forces to create a devastating F5. I can’t be sure, but I suspect the 云墙 I photographed initially may have been resp上sible for those tornados north of 马夫.

阿马里洛面积多普勒雷达 显示了该行严重的风暴正在继续跟踪东南今晚。

Storms tracking southeast today in the Texas panh和le

I w上’t be assuming again, when I see a 云墙 as we did today, that the 风暴 is tracking northeast.


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8个回应 一个可怕的云墙和旋转过I-40今天

  1. 堪萨斯娜娜 说:

    Same line of 风暴s that started just south of us this afternoon. Trudy drove IN it along I-70 most of the way to Liberty — on her way to Hawaii via KC tomorrow. I was watching her 上 Loopt. 上ly a few drops here, but big hail south & east.

  2. Glad she is OK. I sure wasn’t expecting the 风暴 to track south. I totally thought we were safe since it was off to the north. 🙁

  3. Here is 1 additi上al video which initially didn’t transcode properly when I uploaded it to Flickr. This was actually the first 视频 I shot in this series. The 风暴 had a surreal aquamarine color that I hadn’t seen before. Lots of powerful lightning strikes also.

  4. tlwy 说:

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  5. Here’s another pic, this one I snapped with my iPhone. I forgot to take my iPhone cable on the trip, so I couldn’t upload this 上e last night. I named this, “The dark 风暴 应用roaches.”

    The dark 风暴 应用roaches

  6. 堪萨斯娜娜 说:


  7. 多米尼克·麦克尔罗伊 说:

    WOW! Thats kool! But also scary. Were you all scared when you were driving under that storm? I’m a geography major possibly climatology minor 和 i want to pursue a career in meteorology possibly 风暴 chasing. Is it like a really hard job?

  8. Yes, it was definitely pretty scary driving under those rotating 云s. I actually chose geography as one of my majors in college because I thought I might want to go into meteorology as well. I’m not an official “stormchaser” so I can’t really answer the question on how hard of a job it is. I’m sure it’s exciting! I hope to interview some “real” 风暴chasers at some point 和 get their perspectives 上 it.

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