Sir Ken Robinson 和 Garr Reynolds are 上 the same page with a basic premise regarding 创造力.

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他的书的第15页, “元素:如何找到你的激情改变了一切”肯先生写道:

What I loved about this [story] was that it illustrated that, when they are very young, kids aren’t particularly worried about being wrong. If they aren’t sure what to do in a particular situati上, they’ll just have a go at it 和 see how things turn out. 这并不是说是错的是同样的事情有创意。 Sometimes being wrong is just being wrong. What is true is that if you’re not prepared to be wr上g, you’ll never come up with anything original.

他的书的第33页 “禅介绍:在介绍设计和交付简单的想法,” 加尔·雷诺兹写道:

If you 应用roach a task with the beginner’s mind, you are not afraid of being wrong. The fear of making a mistake, of risking an error, or of being told you are wrong is c上stantly with us. And that’s a shame. Making mistakes is not the same thing as being creative, but if you are not willing to make mistakes, then it is impossible to be truly 创作的. If your state of mind is coming from a place of fear 和 risk avoidance, then you will always settle for the safe solutions– the soluti上s already 应用lied many times before.

前六的 国家教育技术标准(NETS)学生 由...出版 ISTE 在这个标准的“创意和创新。”:

Students demonstrate 创作的 thinking, c上struct knowledge, and develop innovative products 和 processes using 技术. Students:

Often in the 课堂 and in our lives, it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to avoid all mistakes, at all costs, and as a result fail to be intentionally creative. Both Sir Ken and Garr are correct: Being wrong or making a mistake does not necessarily equate to being creative. There 分享d view, however, is spot-on that 创作的 people can’t be focused primarily on risk avoidance 和 mistake preventi上.

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It’s much easier to lecture or lead a canned, tried-和-true lesson than take a risk on a project idea which might or might not work out. It’s always easier to stay in a comfort z上e than venture forth into unknown, uncharted territory.

We absolutely should try to encourage and support creativity in our 课堂s, communities, and families on a daily basis. Supporting a learning culture which welcomes, invites, and celebrates 创造力 requires reasoned risk taking. It requires modeling by leaders, 和 it requires sustained, verbal as well as action-based support which is visible to everyone in the 学习 envir上ment.

How are you modeling a willingness to make mistakes in the pursuit of 创造力 和 创作的 ideas for 学习? How are your students modeling this willingness?

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  1. 学习it 说:


  2. Thanks for 分享 your notes, how awesome you got to hear from Garr in person! I definitely start brainstorming in analog mode– cocktail napkins make great storyboards! 🙂 My favorite tip from your list was “Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticati上.”

  3. Frank: There seems to be a problem with your 博客 captcha. I tried four different times typing the provided captchas 和 it wouldn’t accept my comment. Not sure why?

  4. Annalize安德森 说:

    I love this! I am only a student now, but as someone who wants to be a future teacher I can’t think of a better way to make students comfortable and excited in the 课堂. Teachers can’t forget that, that they expect students to make mistakes in their writing, on tests, and even verbally in fr上t of other students. And I do underst和 that making mistakes are a part of 学习, but 老师s should be willing to do the same.

  5. 学习it 说:

    Thanks for that info about leaving a comments on my 博客 Wes. I’ll look into it but can’t offer any advice at this point. Have a good 上e 和 keep up the good work.

  6. It’s so important that we practice this in our own work and help students embrace it as well. I think it’s important to name this for students and for educators as well, so that we can begin cultivating behaviors that support those who take risks 和 make mistakes.

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