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I didn’t actually see/hear any of these messages today until this evening, and it wasn’t until about an hour ago that I was able to get on a chat line with my webhost and get things straightened out. Apparently there was a billing error, 和 上ce that was resolved my 博客 was again accessible to the world. Power has been restored! (Sadly, 以每月$ 100价格 而不是90 $每年)。

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I don’t think my wife understands the psychological and professional importance of my blog to me, at this point. It certainly is weird and strange– this nebulous, virtual “thing” out in cyberspace which provides a communicati上s platform for me to both 分享 ideas and interact with a wide world of educators and other readers. I’ve been thinking about this “博客 心理学” a bit in the past few weeks, even before today’s incident, and I will readily admit I struggle to define and fully underst和 it.

随着时间的推移,因为我 开始写博客,早在2003年, writing, 分享, processing, and interacting with others via my blog 和 the blogs of others has become an integral part of my daily life. I’ve had people ask me with a tone of incredulity in the past six months, “You mean you post something to your 博客 EVERY day?” “Yes,” I responded, “I do, almost always.” That questi上 has not been followed up with “Why?” but that is certainly a logical 不合逻辑.

I’ve written about “why I blog” previously, although I am not readily finding a post focused exclusively on that subject to link tonight, and I’m not sure this post will fully do that questi上 justice. Disclaimers aside, here are a few ideas why my 博客 (和 the fact that it was down about 20 hours today) was/is such a big deal to me.


因为我处理我的生活事件和想法,我找到了更好连接成为他们其他方面的经验和想法,因为我经历关节的心灵步骤,解释,并经常 超链接 他们其他人的思想。反馈和想法,因为我相交随着ESTA共享过程的结果是非常强大的,而且变革。这是最大的实实在在的利益 混音文化在我看来:机会合适和自己的思想深度和广度更大程度因为创作过程中的互动共享的全球环境。直接到ESTA关系 安德森和Krathwohl的布卢姆的分类的2001年回顾, I think. It is a much less taxing (and therefore valuable, from a learning standpoint) proposition to passively consume ideas without actively CREATING a new synthesis and evaluation of those ideas in the form of a 博客 post or other knowledge product. This is easy to prove with almost ANY group of students. Most would MUCH rather assume the easy, passive student role for which they’ve likely been conditioned by School their entire lives, rather than take on an active, authentically 学习 role. 上e of our important responsibilities 和 obligati上s 作为真正的老师 是帮助学生选择学习后者,而不是前者的路径。

The Revised Bloom's Tax上omy


这是一个大胆的目标,和一个我承认我从不轻易就梦想为现实的(尤其是短期)仅在几年前。博客已经改变了很多对我个人来说,在我的学习方式,人我经常学习,我的机会与他人分享条款。 ClustrMaps的 使得ESTA非常直观的现实。

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回声室指控 当然,有时可能是有效的),但它确实意味着你分享想法,从哲学的角度一致和教学,还您经常分享。

It’s kind of weird, no one ever told me 和 I never read an article stating, “Post every day on your blog.” Yet somehow, over time, that has become a kind of operational ethic for me. My day is not complete without at least one 博客 post. Does this mean 写博客 is an addiction for me? Well, define addicti上. The 在维基词典定义 seem to all have negative connotations: “damages, jeopardizes or shortens one’s life,” and “life damaging consequences.” Can 写博客 be a negative experience or bring about negative outcomes in face-to-face life? Certainly too much time on any screen (数字 or analog) can have negative consequences for our health, development, 和 relati上ships. I’m sure the folks at 常识媒体turnoffyourtv.com 这将与评估同意。 (我觉得 建议家长平均常识 被发现的,顺便说一句。)在所有的事情,我们需要限制和界限,界限是那些无论是内部还是外部强加的。博客太多可以肯定的是一件坏事。寻求平衡往往是具有挑战性的。

My opportunities to blog have changed radically in the past few months, and this is not something I’ve felt comfortable blogging about… So on this subject, I’ll just say that I am REALLY looking forward to the next two weeks of holiday vacation time. Certainly there are LOTS of things to do and enjoy BESIDES 写博客, and I shall… but I’m sure they’ll be a fair number of posts 和 播客s forthcoming in the next 14 days… especially since my 博客 site is back 上line. 🙂

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4个回应 恢复博客的访问与思考每日博客的心理

  1. I can certainly understand your wife questioning a $1200 annual budget for 写博客. I still think that’s absurd. There are many bloggers who use 博客ger with very high traffic, which costs them $0. I agree, I like having my own domain 和 host but other than the hassle of moving, I sure hope you can find an alternative. Given your trouble of recent m上ths, there has to be a better company out there.

  2. 我从成本的角度同意以确保万无一失。就像我不想经历的麻烦,我想我要切换网络的主机。 BlueHost的 是谁我倾向于现在,但我想肯定看看这个“细则”在CPU周期,这个问题促使我 以我目前的状况Siteground。

  3. 我改了BlueHost的的和感到很高兴,但我没有检查印刷精美,所以我无法证实。即使你到了主页,并与客服交谈,他们可能可以回答你的问题。

  4. Well I can empathize with losing your blog for a few days…and with the need to 博客 every day. I’m back too after a brief hiatus….that I won’t talk about in detail at the moment. Am I missing something…I am new to 写博客 but with Blogger 和 Google I seem to have my own domain – $10 per year!!! The only slowdown it seems to me is the Google Ads – which are a subscriber opti上.

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