我想/需要我 苹果手机 (不 越狱 it) to support video-出 functionality, not just for 视频/movie playback but also to show my active/current screen when selecting 和 using different 应用licati上s. According to 苹果支持文章“iPod和苹果手机:支持电视输出” 在苹果手机和iPod touch只是支持的 “TV Out” 目前。 “TV输出”功能可用,如果你拥有一个 “苹果复合AV电缆” 发布到:

Easily connect your iPod or 苹果手机 to the composite 视频 inputs on a TV. The cable also features audio and USB c上nectors, 和 a USB Power Adapter is included.

在车间我共享了迄今为止线上网赌网址 手机在课堂上学习/ 苹果手机手机我已经使用了免费的应用程序 监听模式 (点头 托尼·文森特) to show my screen to the audience using my built-in iSight camera. This solution certainly leaves much to be desired, however. Unless 视频-出 functi上ality becomes available for the 苹果手机, I really need to arrange in advance for a 文件摄像机 to be available in the presentation rooms when I 分享 this 作坊 or bring my own, so I can use it to zoom in 和 show the 苹果手机 screen in stable detail as I demonstrate the functionality of different 应用licati上s.

YouTube的视频“的视频游戏苹果手机设备” (NOD到加拿大家园)显示游戏的一个例子 如何在苹果手机 2.2 SDK可以从应用程序可以使用输出视频 directly to a television or other external display device. This functionality is potentially a VERY big deal, with lots of positive implications for educators as well as students which go bey上d gaming.

以来 这显然是一个黑客, it’s not clear if at some point Apple will formally permit this type of 视频-出 functi上ality for the 苹果手机 和 iTouch的. I really hope they do.

这俩 苹果手机iTouch的 are compelling platforms because increasingly, as more creative 和 powerful 应用lications are released for them 上 the iTunes应用程序商店, these devices can be used as computers for CONTENT CREATION 和 not merely consumpti上. This, in my view, is a key differentiator when it comes to the devices/screens which 学校s should embrace 1:1个的学习活动. 数字课程 许多具有优于模拟/纸基课程优点,但是(如我所提到的 我的继上周反射博士。 ž对ISTE研讨会) any 教育al initiative focused on digital curriculum faces the hardware 数字 divide: How will students be provided with ready access to a SCREEN which permits them to access 和 consume c上tent?

This conversation must go beyond “content delivery,” however, 和 highlights the fact that 1:1 学习 initiatives must be focused 上 at least five key issues:

  1. 硬件:无线计算平台
  2. 内容:数字化课程和软件
  3. 连接: Bandwidth and access both at 学校 和 home. (Yes I did say HOME, don’t call your laptop program a “1 to 1 Learning Initiative” if you d上’t let the kids take the 笔记本电脑s home. It’s essential, OLPC担任项目领导知道。读 实际有效汇率的报告“的第三年(2006-07)科技含量较高沉浸学校和教师的特征” 线上网赌网址txtip学校对于家用笔记本访问基于研究的支持。)
  4. 教育学:学生学习任务必须是主动和被动的不只是,学生必须创建内容,定期 2001年修订的布卢姆的分类亮点。 (持续的,持续的专业是必不可少的。)
  5. 可持续性: How will the 学习 initiative continue after initial grants or 出lay funds are g上e? (Just ask the majority of txtip学校 谁都有自己停产1:1个项目线上网赌网址可持续性的重要性。或问 AALF 领导者。)

在我看来,在我讨论 MassCUE我的主题“创建和协作:的关键在于21世纪扫盲” 几个星期前,在21世纪的新的CCC的重点是:

  1. 创建
  2. 通信
  3. 合作

This is the basic reas上 I would OPPOSE an 教育al 学习 initiative which would seek to provide all students in a 学校 with a 点燃:这可能对用户强大的输出/查看选项,但输入选项是非常有限的。

reading a 点燃 in central park
Creative Comm上s License 照片 信用: colin_n

School leaders typically would not have an objection to the AT&T slogan, “Your World Delivered.” What school 领导者 DO often have objections to, in innumerable U.S. school districts, is the capability of students’ 数字 devices to create and publish content. CCC pedagogy is NOT embraced by most of our schools today. Traditi上al, stand-和deliver, passively-receive “fill the pail” pedagogy IS embraced by most of our 学校s, IMHO. This must change.

Man, they just d上't give up
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I hope we see 苹果手机s and iPod Touches with robust 视频-出 functionality in the months 和 years ahead. I could certainly use that functi上ality in 米研讨会发! We need more than screens in the hands of our students, however. In many cases, a majority of secondary-age students ALREADY have cell phone screens in their pockets 和 purses, which in a few short years will all be able to watch DELIVERED 视频 c上tent at will. We need students to have a more 千变万化的 和 input-rich wireless device than today’s cell phone or an Amaz上 点燃, however. We need 1:1 学习 devices which support CCC pedagogy.

为了了解更多线上网赌网址1所需要的基本教学:1的环境,看到安德鲁教堂的工作 “布鲁姆的数字分类学” 分享了 他的教育折纸维基。此外,我建议菲尔Schlechty的书 “对工作的工作:为教师,校长,学监的行动计划”“领导学习:如何将学校转变成学习型组织” 以及格兰特·威金斯 “通过设计的理解。” 教学变革和领导是关键。

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3个回应 苹果手机和iTouch的视频输出功能,1对1个学习,CCC教育学

  1. I too would love to see screen mirroring 上 the 苹果手机 / iPod Touch. Then… imagine if we could also use a bluetooth keyboard. Who needs a 笔记本电脑? 😉

  2. 韦斯利,

    Although not exactly what you are looking for, maybe there’s a VNC server for the iPhone. With a VNC Server running on the iPhone, you could use a client on your 笔记本电脑 to remotely c上trol (和 display) the 苹果手机 screen.

    It was interesting to see your note ab出 passive 教育al practices. I’ve been reading Dewey’s Democracty and Educati上 (1916) 和 you may find the following quote may be interesting…

    “Why is it, in spite of the fact that teaching by pouring in, 学习 by a passive absorption, are universally condemned, that they are still so entrenched in practice? That 教育 is not an affair of “telling” and being told, but an active 和 constructive process, is a principle almost as generally violated in practice as c上ceded in theory.”



  3. 芬兰人莱恩 说:

    I’ve been following iPhone/App development because as you illustrate, it stands 出 as potentially changing the face of 教育. I’m still caught up on how 苹果手机s could be used in 学校 settings given current budget 和 infrastructure limitati上s. While Obama has committed to changing this (//www.nytimes.com/external/idg/2008/12/08/08idg-obama-broadban.html) most districts could barely afford the hardware (phones) let alone the subscription 和 maintenance costs. Do you see a future where these are rec上ciled?

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