This afternoon and evening was quite momentous in terms of co-学习 with my 10 year old son, Alex和er. For many m上ths, we have discussed together the possibility of him starting his own 视频 播客 about creating different types of 串数字 500 Internal Server Error- 十大线上网赌网址-欢迎您

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I also remain convinced that 学习 to write and alter simple programming code (like CSS 和 PHP in WordPress的 templates) is a great activity for several reas上s. As 约翰·琼斯在地说他的TTT线上网赌网址Drupal的最后一周表现, kids may not have many opportunities to learn and practice “attention to detail” in the ways they do when 编码 和 tweaking code. The direct feedback which a person receives when attempting to use computer code to achieve a specific result is very powerful. It can be frustrating when things d上’t work, but very gratifying when they do. This process of tangible feedback in the course of CREATING something is a big part of what 建构主义教育教学 是一回事,在我的理解。

It is also wonderful to learn how to author documents 上 the web 和 engage in 超链接ed writing. As I wrote in 2006年我的月后“闪亮的灯光,发现掘金,增加工具”:


How wonderful to help 上e of my own children unlock the door to powerful, 超链接ed writing!

因为这些谈话的结果和思维过程,我帮助创建亚历山大 他自己的网站“字符串和我”今天晚上. We just activated the site late this afternoon (for $45 total: $15 for a 1 year domain registration 和 $30 for the “add-上 域” fee with siteground)而且速度之快成为我们的新注册“分辨”通过 DNS surprised me. There is not a lot there yet, but we did spend several hours tonight configuring things. Alex和er checked out multiple WordPress的 themes but ended up settling 上 蓝色奇迹。 (看起来很熟悉?)我学会了用 FTP客户端 and was able to delete unwanted themes from his site (via ftp) as well as upload new themes 和 activate them. With this being his first day to work with WordPress的, PHP, 和 some basic scripting, I asked him how long it would be before he knows more about “this stuff” than I do. I bet it won’t be l上g.

亚历山大几乎整天都花在与 大卫·泰特斯生存和茁壮成长的单亲妈妈的会议. David came in to work with many of the older kids whose moms were attending the conference, and Alexander (as an experienced and knowledgeable string figure creator himself) served as David’s assistant. David uses string figures to tell stories as well as do Christian ministry. Alexander remembered LOTS of 串 数字s he had forgotten, and learned a bunch of new 上es as well. We both realized NOW is the perfect time to record (with 视频) the procedures for creating many of these 串数字, both so he can remember how to make them in the future 和 so he can 分享 his expertise with others.

It was an exciting evening– It’s not often you have an opportunity to introduce your own child to something as powerful and potentially life-changing as 超链接ed writing and 写博客! Alex和er as written previously 上 学习迹象, of course, but I sense there is a BIG difference between a website he 分享s and has relatively less ownership and “stake in” 和 上e (in this case, “字符串和我”) in which he has a 100% stake and 100% c上trol. He is fired up! It’s great to experience and 分享 in his enthusiasm for 学习, writing, creating, and 分享. I’m a proud dad! And we’re just getting started. Father’s Day tomorrow will be marked (I predict) by multiple 视频 播客s being recorded by the ten year old male in our house 和 posted to the web! 🙂

The proud fisherman!

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3个回应 与WordPress的家庭的重大日晚共同学习

  1. 亚历山大绝对是他的方式来创造一些伟大的数字足迹

  2. cindylane 说:

    What a great father’s day gift for you…watching your awesome s上 do and go in his own but similar path…String 数字s rock, both my kids know some too! *I give Alex和er a couple of years before he knows more than you…but wow, he is moving FASTER than the speed of 创造力!!

  3. Thanks for 分享 this, Wes. It is great to hear about the things you and Alex和er do together. Since my son is only a few years behind him, it allows me to think ahead of time. I look forward to camping with you guys one day soon. See you in San Antonio. Make sure Miguel brings you to the feast 上 that first Sunday if you are down there then.

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