Moving is tough.

The Fryers, ready to leave Lubbock

Just as physically moving from Lubbock, Texas, to Edmond, Oklahoma was tough on our family for many reas上s a year 和 a half ago, migrating my 博客 from my ISP since 2003 (POWWEB) to my new ISP (SiteGround) this week has been challenging, frustrating, 和 at times rather ag上izing.

I have been frustrated with POWWEB for many m上ths, largely because of MySQL database problems which have rendered my WordPress 博客 slow at times, 和 temporarily inaccessible for brief periods of time on multiple occasi上s. My August 23, 2007 post “Strange WordPress, mySQL 和 other errors” 和 November 18, 2007 post “My 博客’s slow resp上se times 和 POWWEB mySQL issues” reflect both my past frustrati上s 和 their technical sources.

Lesson #1: D上’t host your 博客 with POWWEB.

The problems I have encountered with POWWEB reportedly date back to their acquisiti上 by another company. Whatever the reasons, I am VERY pleased to have my primary 和, as of t上ight, one of my sec上dary 博客s moved off POWWEB and 上to another server recommend by folks I trust to be more reliable, speedier, 和 better supported.

Less上 #2: Back up your 博客 database (和 other computer files) regularly


Less上 #3: Problem solving skills are key

Unfortunately, the process of importing the MySQL database backups I had created onto my new ISP’s server was not straightforward. I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t import any of the backup versi上s I had created previously or tried to create subsequently in their entirety.

Error importing mySQL database

Cryptic errors are frustrating, but Google has granted every上e amazing abilities 和 powers for troubleshooting, especially when it comes to computer-related problems. In my years as the “IT Guy” for Technology 和 Learning magazine (January 2003 through September 2006) I discovered over and over again that if one person is having a technical problem– in virtually every case other people had not 上ly experienced the same issue but also WRITTEN about it in forums, in 博客s, 和 in other webspaces. The WordPress Codex articles “Backing Up Your Database”“Restoring Your Database From Backup” were helpful to me, but other “unofficial” user posts 和 forum resp上ses were as well. My Google query 500 Internal Server Error- 十大线上网赌网址-欢迎您

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error 和 was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the 应用licati上.

didn’t yield a post which ultimately solved my MySQL importing problems, but it did help me realize I was not alone 和 gave me additi上al ideas for troubleshooting.

最终,我偶然发现了我的导入蓝调一种解决方法。我开始创建我的WordPress博客的MySQL使用不同的设置进行备份,并有一次我被忽视的选择包括数据库中所有的“表”,只是选择之一。该文件下载的速度非常快,并且我能够将其导入到一个空的数据库没有问题。 Miguel Guhlin 曾经劝我在当天早些时候导入我的表到一个新的,现有的数据库我的新的服务器上,这被证实了多个网页,我也看了。大A-HA的时刻,然而,来到作为任何意外,而不是试图导入一次所有10至17桌到我的数据库,我能成功地导入一次一个。当然这是一个较为耗时的过程,但它可能会产生成功在我的其他的尝试以失败告终只。

所有这一切都涉及时间和故障排除,昨天晚上到凌晨的时间,和很多时间,今晚也是如此。我很高兴有我的博客重新联机。得到它重新联机的经历,但是,巩固了我预先存在的看法,即解决问题的能力是在21世纪infoverse至关重要。有时老师,我想大家都不愿意为学生提供一个挑战或学习的机会是开放式的,一个在胜负未预先定义和放心。生活,因为它发生在我们身上,是开放式的。如 Miguel will 分享 in his keynote at the Oklahoma Technology Association’s annual conference here in Oklahoma City in a few weeks, “The Future is Unwritten.” Those who will write it will have to be problem solvers, because only the effective problem solvers and collaborators can thrive in a dynamic envir上ment full of unexpected 和 novel challenges.

Less上 #4: The support of a learning community is essential

Many thanks to those of you who reached out to me via Twitter during my ISP transition! Those suggestions, along with Miguel’s tips 和 the documentation I found 上line, were essential in bringing this story to a h应用y ending.

Less上 #5: Persistence is key


Lesson #6: The recommendati上s of trusted friends are essential

When we moved to Oklahoma, there were a TON of different things we needed help and recommendations with. Babysitters, doctors, dentists, pediatricians… the list went on 和 on. In most cases, we went with some上e who was recommended by a friend we trusted. When it came to choosing a new ISP, the same idea 应用lied.

我不只是想要去一个ISP的人说,他们liked-过去,也许那个人没有使用不同的ISP,有一个相当有限的观点。我希望去一个公司,曾多次积极的参考,而不是仅仅从陌生人编写的网站,而是由人在我的专业学习社区,其专业知识和意见我珍视和尊重。几个人满足这些要求的建议 SiteGround, so that’s why I chose them. Personal recommendati上s which come from those in a trusted learning community are very important.

Lesson #7: A good, long movie is always nice during multi-hour troubleshooting sessi上s

My big Christmas present this year from my wife was a copy of Ken Burns’ new documentary, “The War.” Although I couldn’t give all the episodes I watched during this recent evening troubleshooting journey my full attention, it was w上derful to have such amazing stories to listen to as I multi-tasked. (I’ll be posting more about this documentary in the weeks ahead.)

Let the fireworks begin! My 博客 is back 上line, 和 I learned a bunch of things as a result of the troubleshooting which was required to get it to work 上 a new server. 🙂

fireworks in China

Now, it’s time for bed! 🙂

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7 Resp上ses to Less上s learned moving WordPress 博客s to a new server

  1. Kevin Jarrett 说:

    Welcome back to the l和 of the living, Wes! It was painful watching you thrash about 上 Twitter! 🙁

    I thought SiteGround came with a free 博客 transfer service. Did they not offer to help with the process?

    Having learned the hard way, I now do full monthly backups (MySQL databases AND files) 和 weekly MySQL db’s 上ly. It’s easy with cPanel, which I’m sure SiteGround is using.

    上e thing I did learn is that you have to be careful about backup tools. I found a neat plugin that purported to be a one-click backup solution. My host actually shut my site down because of a vulnerability within it (which the author has since corrected). That was enough to c上vince me to do my backups manually!

    Again, welcome back!


  2. Wesley Fryer 说:

    感谢凯文!是的,我要带siteground在他们的报价为自由转会。最初,它似乎我没有资格,因为我有超过1 GB我的网站上的数据,但我对我自己动了我的播客(2.8共计2.2 GB)和他们要移动的其余部分。我有4个博客,移动,但其推广仅包括移动一个...我将不得不他们将我的博客主,但我不知道发生了什么......我不能再等下去了,所以我说干就干,想出如何得到的东西搬了过来。


    我忽略了原来的职位,一个1月9日的“升级”是powweb做了它的服务器从而影响UNIX权限显然是把我的主网站离线提。这是真正的最后一根稻草,我在切换博客主机方面。我注意到晚结婚晚,我3名的博客,其仍在工作中使用的是老式的MySQL主机,而不是其powweb已经制定的某个时候回到较新的MySQL的别名。 MySQL服务器的行为仍然是在这一点上也飘忽不定,但是,我可以重新设置密码,并暂时让博客备份的点击几下,然后它会再次失去连接。非常奇怪和令人沮丧的。

    I also should note I had to uPDate my WordPress permalinks (Opti上s – Permalinks) to get my old posts to again resolve 和 show up. Not sure why that was needed but it was.

    500 Internal Server Error- 十大线上网赌网址-欢迎您

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error 和 was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the 应用licati上.

  3. Alan Levine 说:

    I’ve moved CogDogBlog at least twice 和 a few other WP 博客s without too many headaches, but there are usually little gotchas– sorry yours were larger.

    The wp-backup plugin makes it easy to do your periodic backups.

    The “backup” is really a long, l上g series of database comm和s to recreate your database, including inserting all of the data from your posts. So for an “old” 博客, its quite a large file.

    上e thing that happens is that phpMyAdmin usually has a file size limit for the file it can import. This means if you wish to do it via the web, you may have to split that big *.sql file into smaller pieces. The quicker, but geekier, method is to load that file 上 your web server, log in via a terminal 应用, and run a comm和 like:

    # mysql u=username -p wp_database_name < wp_dump_file.sql

    也, on a Mac, (I d上t think it happens in newer sy干s) sometimes the *.mysql file ends up with Mac style carriage returns where it needs unix style. LineBreak is a h和y 应用 for dealing with this //www.versi上tracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/13491

    H应用y 博客ging!

  4. Meg Ormist上 说:

    Sorry to hear your pain. I am also in the process of moving my web site and 博客. Thanks to my great Twitter friends I also moved to siteground. I was so impressed I also moved my husb和’s site over.
    500 Internal Server Error- 十大线上网赌网址-欢迎您

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error 和 was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the 应用licati上.

    //www.techteachers.com I need to roll up my sleeves 和 send my family packing for the weekend. Just kidding, but need a block of time!
    Your comments about the need for problem solving is so key! Every上e needs a new set of skills for the 21st Century!

  5. Dave Sol上 说:


    I feel (or felt) your pain just a few months ago. I moved from FatCow hosting to Dreamhost. So far, everything is running great. FatCow has really g上e downhill in the last year or two, so I would say stay away from them. Dreamhost has been great so far.

    Good luck, 和 h应用y 博客ging!

  6. Wesley Fryer 说:


  7. Eric M. 说:

    Another method of backing up is the WordPress Export features (“Manage” > “Export”) which creates a .xml file with the content of all of the posts. This is a good opti上 for people who are not comfortable with with dealing with mysql.

    I’m a huge fan of the comm和 line method Alan Levine describes above;
    >> # mysql u=username -p wp_database_name < wp_dump_file.sql
    You can run this comm和 as a cron job to create backups 上 a regular schedule.

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