昨晚我读完 “大小姐” 由克里斯托弗·鲍里尼,第二本书在他的“继承”后面的书三部曲 “龙骑士” 这是释放 一个主要的电影 上个月。这些都是书中的一些反射和丛书至今,其中一些我认为从作者“礼物”送给我,以及我的两个原样。

Erag上 和 最年长

首先,我会观察我读两本小说相当长在过去两个月的能力是一个相对较“新”(双关语意)的经验对我来说能由 40天晚上使用技术的快速 I participated in last November and December with my wife. (I’m hoping to do a joint 播客 interview with her later today about the experience。) T这里 is so much digital information now accessible via the 在ternet that I think a person (like myself) can quite easily spend almost every waking free moment consuming as well as producing digital content. While this can be engaging and often a worthwhile way to spend free time, it also can be overwhelming and “consuming” to a negative degree. So, it has been wonderful to have an external reason / push to turn off my 技术 in the evenings after the kids are in bed and do n上-数字 things: like visit with my wife 和 read novels!

最好的事情线上网赌网址继承书系列与我9岁的儿子,这已成为新的伊拉贡为他的“本垒打书”做。 (我写这一点在圣诞节前夕。) 博士。南加州大学的斯蒂芬·克拉申讲了俄克拉何马州图书馆员会议 (Encylo媒体) this past fall. Among the outstanding nuggets of research findings and recommendations for educators he 分享d was the concept of “the home run book.” Home run 图书 vary by person, because people’s interests 和 abilities when it comes to reading also vary greatly. A “home run book” is one which gets a person (usually a young person but 不 always) to read with intrinsic motivation for extended periods of time. It is the book which in many cases, makes a love for reading manifest itself in some上e’s life for the first time.

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年底通过考试鉴于俄克拉何马州K12学生 - 寻找和阅读书籍荷马的经验是什么,我认为我的儿子很可能会记住他的整个生命。所以,我说非常感谢你写Chirstopher鲍里尼龙骑士,给ESTA文学礼物给我的儿子。这是一个礼物,我不能把一个价格。

我圣诞节前的一篇线上网赌网址这本书伊拉贡 我琢磨了一下线上网赌网址差异之间我看到的奇幻作品j.r.r.的托尔金,QS刘易斯, 菲力普·普曼和鲍里尼。张贴这些想法后不久, 汤姆·霍夫曼 这距离正确普尔曼的形而上学和精神的观点和其他作家,如托尔金和刘易斯卫生组织是巨大之间观察。 (我真的低估埃斯特 米12月24日交)我所提供的链接(我现在没有和不能访问)从普尔曼包括报价露出不屑与我都把两个托尔金和刘易斯的世界观和幻想世界。我喜欢阅读所有的这些书,但我坚持我的以前的意见(这里, 这里别处)这两个托尔金和刘易斯的基督教神学真是让人为他们的故事提供了一个形而上的背景的差异与我关联和共鸣。

在 the case of Christopher Paolini, I do acknowledge that his 图书 are remarkable works of complexity, imagination and fun given his relatively young age compared to these other authors. I hadn’t sensed any sort of religious or metaphysical underpinning to his novels and fantasy world at all until I read the chapter “Visi上s Far 和 Near” in 最年长,这将启动精装版的538页。在该章中,精灵Oromis伊拉龙和他的导师有一个谈话,我推测这可能鲍里尼自己的观点是宗教的揭示和 形而上学。这看来确实揭露的基本精神现实 鲍里尼的Alagëisia. The summary view is this: All religions and faiths are fictions and false beliefs. Objective science, which only regards that as real which can be directly experienced and replicated, reveals truth. T这里 is no authority outside of objective science. 在 response to Eragon’s question 和 assertion about the existence of God (a “prime mover”) Oromis responds 上 page 542:

我不一定会同意你的看法。但可能是,我不能说证明神明 exist. Nor can I prove that the world and everything in it was not created by an entity or entities in the distant past. But I can tell you that in the millennia we elves have studied nature, we have never witnessed an instance w这里 the rules that govern the world have been broken. That is, we have never seen a miracle. Many events have defied our ability to explain, but we are c上vinced that we failed because we are still woefully ignorant about the universe 和 不 because a deity altered the workings of nature.

伊拉贡作出响应,辩称“神就不必改变自然来完成他的意愿......我能做到这一点在系统内已经存在......他可以用魔法影响的事件。” Oromis回应一个声明实际上意味着:由于邪恶的世界的存在,一个仁慈的创造者不能:


似乎卫生组织这种观点在更接近那菲力普·普曼的 “黑暗物质三部曲” 当主角(莱拉贝诺夸)最终导致反对压迫“教会”和小说世界宗教文化的反叛。

Paolini’s metaphysical backdrop for 在heritance does NOT have the confrontational and angry tone of Pullman, but is also decidedly 不 Christian or even theistic, as the fantasy worlds of Tolkien and Lewis certainly were/are. I won’t reflect longer on these ideas of spiritual and metaphysical assumptions, but I did find these differences interesting 和 worth reflecting 上 as I read “最年长.”

最后的评论我有一个线上网赌网址 “大小姐” 涉及一个有趣的一幕,发生612页的瓦尔坚,Nasuada(一个非常坚强的女性角色和领导者,顺便说一句,这是由托尔金和刘易斯的作品丢失)的领导人在其开始的章节“巫婆的酿造”,在决定已经让 Urgals 有了他们攻打的军队 Galbatorix。使用魔法能力我学到 Oromis (A导师与许多相似之处 尤达 星球大战)龙骑士能够进入的乌尔加尔领导和发现的“意识”,他是不是长大了要相信我有纯怪物。作为一个种族,在Urgals争取了他们的生存也已经使用和操纵其他种族。从本质上讲伊拉贡有超越时刻 类似哈克芬,当我漂流在河与从吉姆。

Huck 和 Jim 上 the river

这是个性发展无论是对哈克和伊拉龙大点的,因为他们要能够被拒绝他们以前接受的情况下信心,并认为其他人吉姆,生物体或生物的情况下,冠词(the种族主义的观点领导乌尔加尔 Garzhvog)作为实体值得尊重和平等对待的,以相反各自的文化的普遍看法。

I found 最年长 to be an engaging and fun read, perhaps not at the same level of complexity and metaphysical development as the works of Tolkien, Lewis or Pullman, but none-the-less worthwhile and worthy of 分享! In addition to reading the 图书, check out the c上tinually evolving WikiPedia entries for the characters 和 places in these novels. 在 writing this post, I noticed t这里 was 不 a Wikipedia entry for Garzhvog,所以我创建一个。

有你做出了贡献 维基百科 yet? If not, why not? Learn how to do it yourself和 then teach your students to edit pages. Who would have imagined a day when anyone can make contributions to the largest encyclopedia in the world at any time, using any 在ternet-connected computer?! 🙂 This opportunity to collaboratively author 维基百科 together 不 only provides a great opportunity to cultivate traditi上al as well as 数字 literacies, but also provides a good channel for the diverse PASSIONS of learners.

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