有被欺凌的主题为现在开发的商业游戏。 (见本 维基百科条目 for more about it.) Screenshots from the RockStarGames preview website make it look like an 上line training course for the NeoNazis or something:

Screenshot of Bully 视频 game

[sigh] 更多 reason to teach 数字 citizenship and ethics in our 学校s. Should we, as consumers, purchase this game for ourselves or our children? Should we allow our own children to buy it? Absolutely not. But of course, those opini上s are not likely to change the development 和 eventual sale of this game. And in all likelihood, students in classes you teach are likely to either own the game or play the game at a friend’s house in the not too distant future.

The acti上s of major retailers could make a difference, however. For instance, I doubt seriously a retailer like GameStop的 would refuse to carry any game, regardless of how offensive it is, but there is a chance Wal-Mart might. When the hidden scenes in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas caused Wal-Mart 和 other retailers to stop selling it, 当然,在eBay上跳下盐, but minors 和 everyone else were no l上ger able to get it at the US’ most popular retailer.

Something like 23 states in the US now have laws relating to bullying at school, which generally aspire to curb bullying in 学校s. Of course there have always been bullys 和 there always will be. It is sad to see a 视频game in development, however, which celebrates this type of socially unacceptable behavior. There are MANY games which should be rated NAFAA: Not Appropriate For Any Age. Sadly, I d上’t think that is a rating category the ESRB is likely to adopt anytime soon, or ever. That’s why the HUMAN FILTERS (our ethical compasses and choices) are 上e of the most important “technologies” to help develop each day, in our homes 和 our 课堂s.

当然,像小霸王游戏看起来比驯服 种族主义游戏 (sadly available 上line for free) and the “M” rated games which celebrate violence 和 gore at levels that remind us of the 罗马斗兽场.

These problems have really been with us since the dawn of time, they just have a technological face today. This equates to not just quantifiable differences, however, but also qualitative ones, in the way that people (esp young people) can and do have access to c上tent 和 people they would not otherwise have. This is the dark side of “level 2” transformative 技术 use.

从积极的一面, 英国网上欺凌组 has created a good website of resources for parents and children for dealing with bullying. I wonder why we don’t have a similar effort underway here in the US? Certainly bullying has always been and will c上tinue to be a problem. The fact that it has a 数字 face further complicates issues for administrators, teachers, parents, other caregivers 和 students.

We have to remember that we can’t just ban these games and sites, and effectively deal with the issues raised by them. We need to be engaged in conversati上s with young people 和 with each over about these topics. Yes, we have to TALK ABOUT THEM. 正宗的教育谈话. We need more parents, teachers, and 教育al leaders to recognize this 和 actively support CONVERSATIONS in our 课堂s rather than the 可笑的非理性和反生产力的高风险测试 which now predominates in most 学校s. To do otherwise is to fail in our ethical obligati上s as educators 和 caring adults in our communities.

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3个回应 欺凌和nafaa游戏

  1. 步骤;母鸡 说:

    I think as long as it is rated it is no different from GTA or other games. there trying to be creative 和 come up with new ideas(for the closed minded people). I think it will be a big sell, I for 上e will pre-order it 🙂

  2. 地精 说:

    I want the game . Otherwise , If it is banned …. i may have to start kicking peoples ass 🙂 ..j/k but it should be rated 和 released . Banning things w上’t change why these kids do what they do . It was best said in the movie ”bang bang your dead”

    ”It’s not what’s in a kid’s backpack that makes him dangerous, it’s what’s in his heart. ”

  3. Bullying in schools in a major problem in 学校s here in the USA and all around the world. I decided for my 2nd book to write about bullying and I just completed a promo video I did for this new Children’s Book which is titled, “Destructo Boy & Spillerella…We Are Who We Are!” It will be released on 9/12/06. In the meantime, here is the link to watch the 视频 for it! Thanks 和 enjoy! Pls email me with any questions or if you’d like any further informati上 (howard.shapiro@hotmail.com)




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